Advanced Features for Your Business Telephony

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Integrated Web Phone

With VdCloud's Webphone, say goodbye to complex configurations of desk phones or softphones! A simple internet connection is all it takes to transfer your IP line to your mobile or computer, wherever you are, using a dedicated application.

Paired with our Phone System, this virtual numeric keypad is ready to use, simplifying your communications without requiring laborious installation.

meilleur solution centyre d appel
meilleur solution centyre d appel

Advanced Statistics Management

Discover the power of our Advanced Statistics Management feature, specifically designed to provide relevant and in-depth insights for call center management.

Our CRM tool integrated into VdCloud offers sophisticated data analysis, allowing precise evaluation of agent and operational performance. From detailed key indicators to emerging trends, our advanced statistics management becomes a crucial asset for managers, providing in-depth understanding for informed decision-making and continuous improvement of the customer experience.


Seamless Integration with Any Solution Using Custom APIs

Achieve seamless integration with any solution through our custom APIs.

Our platform, integrated with VdCloud CRM, offers maximum flexibility to connect and optimize your business processes.

Custom APIs facilitate interoperability with various solutions, enabling businesses to synchronize and enhance the efficiency of their operations.

Unleash the potential of integration with VdCloud, where custom APIs pave the way for seamless connectivity between CRM, clients, and third-party solutions.

meilleur solution centyre d appel
meilleur solution centyre d appel

Shared Calendar

The best SOLUTION for managing your customer relationships.

Facilitate coordination and collaboration within your team with our Shared Calendar. With VdCloud CRM, the shared calendar provides a centralized view of appointments, tasks, and events, promoting harmonious organization.

Advanced sharing and synchronization features streamline activity planning, enhancing team productivity. Benefit from collaborative time and resource management with VdCloud CRM's Shared Calendar, fostering effective coordination among team members.

Custom Scripting

Design your scripts effortlessly with our simple text editor

Design your scripts easily with our intuitive and dynamic text editor, without the need for programming skills .

Take advantage of a variety of available variable types, such as radio buttons, dropdown lists, and checkboxes.

Easily add visual elements such as images, tables, and links to create captivating custom scripts.

With VdCloud CRM, script creation becomes an intuitive and accessible process, allowing you to maximize the efficiency of your customer interactions.

meilleur solution centyre d appel
meilleur solution centyre d appel

Call Recordings

The best SOLUTION for managing your customer relationships.

Call recordings in VdCloud CRM provide invaluable insights for managers and agents in the call center.

Managers can evaluate agent performance, refine training processes, and make informed strategic decisions.

With this feature integrated into the CRM, VdCloud's call recordings provide valuable visibility to optimize the customer experience.